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ZFS on OS X 10.10

I don’t use this anymore, but kept the instructions here for future reference I ran this to check my disk partitions: 1diskutil list In the output below, you’ll notice I have a mac partition where O

Sharing ZFS filesystems in OpenSolaris

Set sharenfs on the serving computer12suzfs set sharenfs=ro rpool/wav “ro” = read-only“on” = read/write“off” = off The other setting is sharesmb which requires SUNWsmbs SUNWsmbskr, a reboot, and svcad

Limiting ZFS ARC Cache in OpenSolaris

Set zfs_arc_maxVia http://www.solarisinternals.com/wiki/index.php/ZFS_Evil_Tuning_Guide#Limiting_the_ARC_Cache 12345678910For example, if an application needs 5 GBytes of memory on a system with36-GBy